My Little Wall Herb Garden

I love herbs. In everything, on everything – roasted, fried, baked, you name it, they’re in there – usually several at once – and I’m a firm believer that herbs make everything taste better.

Now, one of my very first ideas before we’d even moved into our house (courtesy of Pintrest, like most of my gardening plans/ideas/hair-brained schemes) was to have a wall-mounted herb planter. I had a completely romantisised idea about being about to wander into my garden, pluck my fresh herbs and pop them straight into whatever I was cooking.

When we first moved in, there were several plants and trees in the garden, but it was rather unkempt and overgrown, and I had no idea what anything was. After having several friends/relatives over to visit that were far more knowledgable about plant identification than me, I now know I have a bay tree and large rosemary bush already in situ, which is lovely! But I wanted ALL the herbs.

After much research, I settled on this one from Primrose – the Shabby Chic Large Wall-mountable Herb Planter Kit with seeds (a bit of a mouthful!).

primrose herb planter

A happy coincidence when I noticed it was reduced from £40 to a very reasonable £14.99 – and it came with some seeds! But as I mentioned, I wanted ALL the herbs, and this planter only came with three types, so I also purchased a Scott & Co propigator from Amazon that included 6 types of herbs – 1 packet of parsley, chives, dill, basil, coriander and rocket.

Scott & Co herb garden kit

When my Scott & Co propagator arrived, I dutifully followed instructions and sowed my little packets of seeds into separate pots and popped them into the propagator, watering them well before placing them on a sunny windowsill.

They all grew at very different speeds (coriander and basil came out last!) but after three weeks (Easter weekend) they’d completely outgrown their tiny pots and needed replanting. A few days before I replanted, I decided I wanted to stain my Primrose wall-mounted planter, so I used some fence stain (Ronseal one-coat) on the outside and left it to dry.

Being a very green gardener I have no idea if what I did was correct, but I mixed the vermiculite that came with the Primrose planter with some compost and Canna Coco Coir in about a 30/40/30 ratio. And here’s my little herb planter on our kitchen wall!

IMG_4341 2

The weather is still a little up and down, but temperatures seem stable this week so will see how they do and cover them if the temperature drops.

Any advice from more experienced gardeners is hugely appreciated! Do you grow your own herbs? Do you have any tips about how to get the best yield?

The Very Green Gardener

My Little Wall Herb Garden

The VERY Green Gardener

Hello!! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet, The very green gardener.

I’m Katie and I live in East London – originally from Swansea in Wales. I moved to the Big Smoke back in 2012 after finishing my university degree in Geography.

I work for an ad tech company (a lot more interesting than it sounds!) in central London by day, and attempt to garden by evening/weekend. After recently buying our perfect house with my lovely husband in September 2014, I got the gardening bug after finally having a bit of space (and sunlight) to start growing some plants.

So I’ve created this blog to document my attempts at growing things – which could be numerous after killing nearly every plant I’ve ever owned (I blame lack of sunlight in our old flat to make myself feel better). I have no prior knowledge of gardening, and have been avidly consuming RHS podcasts and gardening books – hence the very green gardener!

Knowing me I’ll probably go off-topic from time-to-time and you’ll get the odd post about fitness, cooking and home decor, as all of these things make me happy.

The Very Green Gardener

The VERY Green Gardener